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  • July Mortgages and happy clients

  • There’s many different reasons for using a specialist mortgage broker such as ourselves – it’s certainly true to say that more & more families now have much more complex circumstances than in the past and the High Street Banks often fail to be flexible enough to truly understand the unique family & financial circumstances facing each applicant. Mortgage brokers aren’t just for those with adverse credit – though we can help there too – but for all those other situations where the High Street one size fits all approach simple doesn’t work. Mortgages for Pensioners for example, or the self-employed, foster carers, BTL Investors and everyone else who’s equally unique!

    And that’s where we come in. As an Underwriting Broker, we have the ability to discuss the pros & cons of an application directly with those who make the decision. We don’t rely on a faceless computer, we’ll put your case over and if we think the time’s not yet right for you to make an application then we’ll say so. And give you some advice on how to progress so that a future application stands a better chance.

    We’re always delighted to hear from clients after their mortgage has gone through & they’re settled in their new home and over the last few weeks we’ve heard:

    “Very happy with the service provided and would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends”.

    Mr John Hastings.


    “Excellent, prompt service – very informative & extremely helpful no matter when or how many times I called!”

    Sarah Mason

    Lovely to hear from you both & many thanks for the kind words, we hope you’ll be very happy in your new properties.