• Mortgage into retirement

  • There’s not many brokers around that have the skills, inclination or contacts to deal with cases where people are looking to borrow well into retirement.

    And yet, as people are living longer, healthier lives, why shouldn’t they be able to make use of a mortgage product to fit their financial needs?

    We’re delighted to have been able to source deals for many pensioners and have access to a number of products that may be suitable – the first step of course is simply to fill out a no obligation factfind form and then we can best advise.

    We love helping out with the types of cases that the High Street banks refuse – and we absolutely love to hear your good news…

    As you know, it was very difficult for us to get a 5 years interest only remortgage with a term beyond our age of 75 years, but with your expertise & perserverance you managed to achieve the impossible.

    Mortgages for pensioners borrowing into retirement

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