As we write this, Storm Caroline is battering the North West of England with 90mph winds, our friends in Scotland are equally suffering with the storm knocking out power to 500 homes, Brexit is on every news page and Bitcoin is on a rollercoaster ride having doubled over the last month or so.

So in these turbulent times, isn’t it good to know that some things remain unchanged? The level of care & service you can expect from the Martland Mortgages team for one. Just look at these lovely comments received over the last week or so.

“Very good service” – David P Andersen.

“Good Service”  – Dr & Mrs Atkin : Prenton.

Because we all need a home to call our own no matter what else is going on in the World. Interest rates have started to rise and we’re seeing many clients coming to us looking for the security of a new fixed-rate mortgage deal now that their existing fixed rate is coming to an end and finding that their existing lender won’t help. That’s where we’re so unique. Thanks to the decades of Industry knowledge built up within the team at Martland Mortgages, we know where to find the right lender, with the right deal to meet your own particular set of circumstances.