• High Net Worth Mortgages

  • For clients looking for mortgages in the £300,000 to £1Million bracket, we have access to packages aimed at high net worth individuals who require a bespoke mortgage solution.

    Many of our clients have business interests – and property – across the UK and throughout the World. Obtaining mortgage finance can sometimes be harder than initially expected, particularly if the client is non-domHigh Net Worth Mortgages - country houseicilled in the UK. Clients often find that the High Street standard lenders become reluctant or uncompetitive for loans in excess of £300,000. However, as a specialist underwriting broker, we have access to packages, lenders and decision makers within lending institutions that enables us to match your particular needs to the most appropriate lender.

    We understand that many of our High Net Worth clients run their own businesses and may have recent or historical adverse credit information. Here at Martland Mortgages, we approach each situation on its merits and work hard to find a mortgage lender who will take a realistic view of your current position.

    Similarly, many clients are best served by looking at their overall property portfolio, both at home & overseas to obtain the best overall payment profile and our panel of lenders are willing to consider all possibilities for both purchase mortgages & remortgages.

    We are able to source mortgage funding upto £1Million on a routine basis and over £1,000,000 on a discretionary basis.

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