• Mortgages on timber framed buildings

  • An example of a timber framed house build

    Timber Framed Buildings are popular with self-builders due to their ease & speed of construction and good energy efficiency characteristics.

    A modern Timber frame house is almost impossible to differentiate from a traditional brick and stone building. The use of timber is highly beneficial for the builder as it is a much cheaper building material and for someone who is looking to buy the property due to reduced costs.

    Timber frame construction has been around in the housing industry since the 1970s. Following on from this, throughout the 1990s onwards, it has also been used a lot in commercial properties such as hotel buildings.

    However, many buyers find themselves with a problem come survey time if their chosen lender doesn’t readily lend against timber-framed property. Popular with self-build enthusiasts, it generally becomes an issue some years down the line when they come to sell the property. Here at Martland Mortgages, we have lenders who will allow mortgages against many different types of timber framed property so give us a call with some more details and we’ll do our very best to help!

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