• Raising Capital

  • raise capital from your property with the help of Martland Mortgages in Merseyside : UK Coverage : 01704 808286There are times in life and certain circumstances when it becomes necessary to raise a chunk of capital. Capital raising mortgages are typically ways of re-mortgaging your house to free up funds from the equity for other purposes. The cash could be for improvements to your home, a holiday away with your family, a new car or simply to consolidate outstanding debts.

    We have access to lenders who will consider remortgages & secured loans for  many different circumstances, and as we understand your own personal circumstances are unique to you & your family, we’ll present your application to the most appropriate lender who understands your reasons for wanting to raise capital against your property.

    • Buying property – we may advise you that a buy-to-let mortgage may be more appropriate, complete our Factfind and let’s discuss it!
    • Tuition fees
    • Significant injection of cash into an existing business
    • Improvements to your home
    • Consolidation of credit card/loan commitments
    • A sudden tax bill
    • A luxurious motorhome
    • Motor boats or yachts
    • Motor racing cars & spares

    …whatever you need the money for, we’ve seen it all before and will help you find a suitable lender.

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