• Steel Framed Houses

  • Find the home of yopur dreams with a mortgage from Martland Mortgages : Specialist broker for non-standard mortgages. 01704 808286Many mortgage companies are reluctant to lend on steel frame properties. Popular just after the war as temporary housing , many continue to give great service as family homes but certain types of construction can cause the concrete slabs to fail & damage the frame.

    This can have a dramatic effect on the saleability of the house, which would become apparent if you decide to sell the property at a later date and that impacts on the security value so far as the Mortgage Lender is concerned.

    There are though, many different types of steel frame construction with some being perfectly acceptable to some lenders subject to survey. The Wimpey No-Fines design for example was particularly successful with many still in existence today. They’re particularly notable as having larger gardens than modern houses – it was intended that residents should grow their own vegetables!

    We have the experience & the know-how to argue your case to the most appropriate lender so don’t despair – we may still be able to secure you that Mortgage!

    Get in touch with as many details of the property as possible and we’ll work hard to find you a suitable lender!

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