• Your Questions Answered

  • There's so many questions when you're looking for a mortgage for your new home, a remortgage or investment funding - and that's before you've even considered how to re-decorate!

    So here's some of the common questions about mortgages and our services...

  • Do I even need a mortgage broker?

    Perhaps you don't. But you probably do!

    Yes, of course it's entirely possible to go to any of the High Street lenders and apply for a mortgage with them. Whether you're successful in your application depends on many factors. Your employment, credit history and household income & expenditure (affordability) to name but a few.

    But the adviser you meet will almost certainly be tied to only offering the products available from that particular financial institution.

    If you want to ensure that you get the most appropriate mortgage for your needs - where your needs come before any other consideration - then you need an independent whole-of-market broker.

    And if your personal circumstances are anything other than absolutely bland & straight forward then you may find your application rejected. If you have some missed payments, defaults or even a CCJ. Perhaps you're self employed or a Limited Company Director taking income by way of dividends. Perhaps you want to buy a property with an agricultural restriction or you want to continue your mortgage into retirement then you may find difficulty in having a High Street application accepted.

    That's where a broker with an intimate knowledge of the market comes in. The ability to place your case with the most appropriate lender, argue your case if needs be, and get the application accepted takes decades of experience throughout the industry.

    We are a whole of market underwriting broker. We often place mortgages with a lender where that lender originally rejected the High Street application. We have access to 'broker-only' mortgage packages.

    Whatever it takes, we'll work hard to get you the mortgage that's right for you.

    Call us on 01704 808286 to tell us more and we'll tell you how we can help.

    Do you charge fees for arranging my mortgage?

    Yes we do. Just like you, we have bills to pay and when compared to the peace of mind, knowing that your mortgage package has been personally matched to your own unique circumstances by a qualified mortgage professional, we think it's good value.

    Our fees will be carefully explained when we discuss your requirements and if we can't get you an agreement-in-principle from a suitable lender, then there's nothing to pay.

    Brokers or High Street lenders who advertise 'no fees' may well not charge an up-front fee but you can be sure their reimbursement will appear in the documentation somewhere. We pride ourselves in our integrity & transparency and of course, are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    How do I apply?

    Step 1: We need to know a little more about you, your circumstances and the property you're looking to buy. So pick up the phone and give us a call on 01704 808286 or drop us an email and we'll talk through the outline of what you need and arrange to send out a Factfind questionnaire.

    Step 2: Complete the Factfind and send it back

    Step 3: We'll outline our arrangement fees and any other likely costs such as Surveyor fees (confirmed once lender confirmed).

    Step 4: We search and confirm the most appropriate mortgage package for you & submit the application

    Step 5: We confirm an Agreement in Principle and send out documents for signing

    Step 6: You return your mortgage documents and the sale then proceeds to your chosen solicitor for conveyancing

    Step 7: Property purchase completes - celebrate!

    I have some bad credit - can you help?

    Quite possibly - talk to us!

    It's not unusual these days for families to have collected some adverse credit information, the odd missed payment on a mobile phone contract, a credit card that's gone overlimit or you've had a rough patch and been issued a default notice from a lender, perhaps even received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you.

    We can't say for sure as each case is unique but there's a good chance we may still be able to source a lender for you. It all depends on the loan you're looking for and your own set of circumstances.

    So pick up the phone and call 01704 808286 to tell us more, there's no obligation and our fees will be explained clearly before going any further, with nothing to pay if we can't find a suitable lender for you.

    I'm still working and need a mortgage into my 70's - who will lend to me?

    We're all living longer and it's not unusual to have multiple careers throughout our lifetimes so why shouldn't mortgages be as flexible as your career?

    Unfortunately, the bulk of lenders won't lend into retirement. However, we have access to a carefully selected pool of lenders who are willing to consider mortgages until well after the usual retirement ages so get in touch and we may very well be able to help!



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