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When you need a Mortgage ‘NOW’

Sometimes you just need a mortgage right now! For whatever reason, the clock is ticking and unless you move fast, the deal, the house or the opportunity will be lost forever.

Fast completion mortgages are suitable for people who are looking for the processes to be completed as quickly as possible. This might be because you want to move out of your present property as soon as possible to prevent a chain failing or a previous offer has fallen through at the 11th hour and you’re the one putting the home moving chain in jeopardy!

During the fast completion of this process, all the steps involved to acquiring a mortgage are included. Nothing is missed out, however the procedure is completed a lot more rapidly than usual with the entire process taking a matter of weeks (or less) rather than months.

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We’ll work closely with your chosen solicitor & surveyor to help your mortgage application move along in the fastest possible time.

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