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Pensioner on the golf course, happy with their mortgage : Retirement Mortgages past 65

Mortgages for Pensioners

Can you get a mortgage as a pensioner?

Absolutely yes! We successfully source retirement mortgages for those aged 60 to 89

When you mention ‘Pensioner’, what do you think of? Is it an old lady in a shawl, knitting away? Or an elderly gent, stooped & worn, reaching for the tin of butterscotch?

Well, we know differently. Even though many mortgage lenders traditionally refuse to lend to the over 60s, we know that age is but a number & many retirees are still extremely active past the age of 65.

Busy Pensioners

You told us that you’re busy in retirement. You’re running businesses, spending time on building projects, spending cash on travelling, hobbies, sports & home improvements. So there’s no reason why your finances shouldn’t work just as hard for you.

Even if a little stiff & sore at times, there’s no reason at all why the older generation shouldn’t have access to mortgage deals to bring their plans to fruition. And that’s just where we come in with decades of experience in finding mortgages past normal retirement age.

You asked “Can I get a mortgage with my pension?”. We said “Why shouldn’t you? Let’s see what deals we can find…”

Perhaps you want to release equity that’s tied up in your bricks & mortar. Or make life easier with a move to a bungalow. Then again, why shouldn’t you keep on running your buy-to-let portfolio and bringing ongoing income to supplement your pension?

Whatever your mortgage needs, we think age shouldn’t be a bar. So long as you can comfortably meet the repayments and have protection, then why shouldn’t you?

Mortgages in retirement

So we’ve fostered long relationships with lenders that are happy to lend into retirement. In fact, they’ll do a repayment mortgage upto a maximum age of 95 at the end of the term. For Interest Only or Buy To Let mortgages, they’ll lend so long as you’re under 89 when signing on the dotted line. For Interest Only mortgages, they do expect there to be an alternative means of repayment already in place. That could be a Cash ISA, equity in another property or other investments. Each situation is unique and every case is judged on its merits.

Of course, as with any mortgage, repayments have to be affordable. But our panel of lenders takes all forms of income into account whether from pension, investments, BTL rental income or employment (upto age 70).

After all, many of us are now working well past compulsory retirement age, outliving previous generations & with considerable financial savvy so why shouldn’t mortgages for over 65’s move with the times?

As ever, we regard each application as unique so just fill in our simple factfind form and we’ll be delighted to help find the right mortgage for you.

Our skill, backed by decades of experience, is in understanding the mortgage market place and looking for the most appropriate mortgage for your own unique, personal circumstances.

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