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Self Employed Mortgages

Lenders have become stricter towards the self-employed over recent years thanks to worries over cashflow, economic outlook, trade credit restrictions and the impact on a sole trader’s credit file

Crucial to the application is the unique and individual circumstances of the client. Their business & trading background, their overall financial position, their credit history and the property equity are all factors in the mortgage lender’s decision.

Lender Requirements

Some lenders require a full three years of chartered or certified accounts whereas others will accept an Accountant’s letter or certificate. As ever, this is an area where a specialist mortgage broker can help steer your application to the most favourable response so if you’ve been declined for a mortgage by a High Street lender, don’t despair, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no lenders out there that can help.

Our links to trusted banks and lenders

We have good working relationships with many of the High Street banks and building societies who work closely with us to ensure that where a case is possible we will source a suitable mortgage package for that potential client.

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