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There are so many questions when you’re looking for a mortgage for your new home, a remortgage or investment funding.

Here are some of the frequently asked, common questions we get asked about mortgages and our services…

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Perhaps you don’t. But you probably do!

Yes, of course it’s entirely possible to go to any of the High Street lenders and apply for a mortgage with them. Whether you’re successful in your application depends on many factors. Your employment, credit history and household income & expenditure (affordability) to name but a few.

But the adviser you meet will almost certainly be tied to only offering the products available from that particular financial institution.

If you want to ensure that you get the most appropriate mortgage for your needs – where your needs come before any other consideration – then you need an independent whole-of-market broker.

And if your personal circumstances are anything other than absolutely bland & straight forward then you may find your application rejected. If you have some missed payments, defaults or even a CCJ. Perhaps you’re self employed or a Limited Company Director taking income by way of dividends. Perhaps you want to buy a property with an agricultural restriction or you want to continue your mortgage into retirement then you may find difficulty in having a High Street application accepted.

That’s where a broker with an intimate knowledge of the market comes in. The ability to place your case with the most appropriate lender, argue your case if needs be, and get the application accepted takes decades of experience throughout the industry.

We are a whole of market underwriting broker. We often place mortgages with a lender where that lender originally rejected the High Street application. We have access to ‘broker-only’ mortgage packages.

Whatever it takes, we’ll work hard to get you the mortgage that’s right for you.

Call us on 01704 808286 to tell us more and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Yes we do. Just like you, we have bills to pay and when compared to the peace of mind, knowing that your mortgage package has been personally matched to your own unique circumstances by a qualified mortgage professional, we think it’s good value.

Our fees will be carefully explained when we discuss your requirements and if we can’t get you an agreement-in-principle from a suitable lender, then there’s nothing to pay.

Brokers or High Street lenders who advertise ‘no fees’ may well not charge an up-front fee but you can be sure their reimbursement will appear in the documentation somewhere. We pride ourselves in our integrity & transparency and of course, are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Step 1: We need to know a little more about you, your circumstances and the property you’re looking to buy. So pick up the phone and give us a call on 01704 808286 or drop us an email and we’ll talk through the outline of what you need and arrange to send out a Factfind questionnaire.

Step 2: Complete the Factfind and send it back

Step 3: We’ll outline our arrangement fees and any other likely costs such as Surveyor fees (confirmed once lender confirmed).

Step 4: We search and confirm the most appropriate mortgage package for you & submit the application

Step 5: We confirm an Agreement in Principle and send out documents for signing

Step 6: You return your mortgage documents and the sale then proceeds to your chosen solicitor for conveyancing

Step 7: Property purchase completes – celebrate!

Quite possibly – just phone us and let’s start the conversation, so we can get a better idea of the mortgage you’re looking for!

It’s not unusual these days for families to have collected some adverse credit information, the odd missed payment on a mobile phone contract, a credit card that’s gone overlimit or you’ve had a rough patch and been issued a default notice from a lender, perhaps even received a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you.

We can’t say for sure as each case is unique but there’s a good chance we may still be able to source a lender for you. It all depends on the loan you’re looking for and your own set of circumstances.

So pick up the phone and call 01704 808286 to tell us more, there’s no obligation and our fees will be explained clearly before going any further, with nothing to pay if we can’t find a suitable lender for you.

We’re all living longer and it’s not unusual to have multiple careers throughout our lifetimes so why shouldn’t mortgages be as flexible as your career?

Unfortunately, the bulk of lenders won’t lend into retirement. However, we have access to a carefully selected pool of lenders who are willing to consider mortgages until well after the usual retirement ages so get in touch and we may very well be able to help!

Lenders aren’t too concerned about what account you have but will need to see statements proving your income and giving a good representation of your outgoing expenditure on bills, entertainment & living!

It’s all about affordability these days and lenders want to be sure that you can afford to repay the loan, not just now but if your circumstances or mortgage rates change.

Lenders really don’t like to see evidence of Payday loans on your bank statements or credit history as to them, it looks like you may have affordability problems when it comes to paying your mortgage payments every month.

Ideally, leave it 1-2 years after your last Payday loan before considering a mortgage but we understand everyone’s circumstances are unique & individual to them so give us a call on 01704 808286 or make a mortgage enquiry and we’ll have a better of idea of what’s possible.

Why Using A Mortgage Broker Is A Good Idea

Getting a mortgage is a stressful time in anybody’s life, but it doesn’t have to be. Say hello to your knight in shining armour, the mortgage broker. Here to get you the best deal possible while making the process as painless as it can be, so keep on reading to find out why you should be using a mortgage broker.

Exclusive Rates and Offers

Mortgage brokers have access to exclusive deals that you won’t find if you search yourself. These deals aren’t on any comparison site and are only available through a broker due to the relationships they have built with lenders over time. Not only that, a broker takes the time to understand your own unique set of financial & personal circumstances and can advise holistically on the best deal for you.

By using a broker you get access to these deals and can take advantage of those relationships your broker has already built. You may get an interest rate that just isn’t available to the public or a great low-fee product that no one else knows of.

They Work For You

Go into a high street bank and the staff member who takes your application and shows you what mortgages are available is clearly working for the bank, what’s best for them might not be what’s best for you.

But go to a broker and they are working for you, not the bank. They want to get you the best possible deal as you’re their customer and getting their customers great mortgages is in the best interests of their business.

Access To The Full Market

If you go to your bank – or any other High Street Lender – looking for a mortgage, then all they’re going to offer you is the deals they have available right there and then. They’re never going to tell you about the amazing deal that’s currently on at a competitor, that would be business suicide.

But if you use a whole-of-market broker (we are),  then you get access to the entire market. As a broker, we don’t just work with one bank, we work with many lenders, all with their own criteria, some of which are only available through brokers and we scour the market to get you the best mortgage deal possible. One that fits you, your needs & your family circumstances no matter how complex your finances may be.

Knowing the market goes beyond just getting a list of the cheapest deals on a comparison website, brokers can also advise on which lenders are likely to accept you and which lenders might reject you. Saving you time, the disappointment of a rejection letter and perhaps more importantly, an extra credit check on your credit file. The more of those that a prospective lender sees, the harder it can be to get that important mortgage decision in principle.


A broker takes all of the hassle out of getting a mortgage. Instead of all that worry and stress being on your shoulders, it’s now our problem, and even better, we’re great at solving those problems. It may seem like a disaster to you when a solicitor or lender demands a certain piece of paper at the last minute or discovers a chancel repair liability but to us, it’s what we do every day. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before and it’s our job to help smooth the way.

Special Circumstances

If you have special circumstances, such as self-employment, a poor credit file, you’re retired, ex-pat or buying an unusual property then often high street banks will just flat-out refuse you. They get so many applications that they don’t need the hassle and if you don’t fit in a neat category then computer says “no”!

But we’ve dealt with all this before. We know which lenders are keen to lend to someone in your particular situation and which ones are happier with another type of mortgage. So straight away, we’ll be placing your application with the lender most likely to accept, making your new home (or business premises) that much closer than you might think!

So, Tell Me Again – Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker can get you deals that aren’t available to the general public, they also take all of the hassle out of applying for a mortgage and better yet, they can help your application get accepted. They are also incredibly useful if you have any special circumstances that may see you otherwise getting an automatic rejection on the High Street. It’s not unusual for Martland Mortgages to be able to place a mortgage with a High Street Bank that previously refused it – and we often get a better rate for our clients!

Thank you Graham for your patience and for making me feel at ease with the whole process.

Rebecca Howe–Dawes

Really friendly and extremely professional service, efficient and first rate outcome.

Mr S. Wright

Dear Graham
Thank you so much for all the work that you did for me in obtaining a mortgage on the above property. I really didn’t think it would ever happen.
My friends keep telling me how lucky I was to get a mortgage in the current financial climate.

Thank you again for all your support & help over the months, especially when the ex. nearly stalled it all.


Very Helpful and always available to clear up any issues.

G. Heller & L. Tothova

Fantastic company to deal with!

Mr & Mrs Bakerman

The help & support you’ve given us has been invaluable and nothing has been too much trouble, however big or small.

Handwritten Thank You letter for Martland Mortgages from a happy couple ready to move into their new home together.

Mr Abram & Miss Townsend

We had given up all hope of a remortgaging and a loan seemed the only option, until we spoke to Graham he not only made it possible to remortgage but also with a high street lender. Exceptional service!

Mr & Mrs Oldcorn
Staines upon Thames
Excellent knowledge , communication and support throughout the process, thanks for your on-going help.
S & J Wilson

Excellent all round would recommend in the future to anyone.

Mr Richard Benyon
St Helens

Graham’s professional service met my objectives. Graham is a very interesting and nice guy as well!

Mr J. Spencer

I found Graham at Martland Mortgages to be the best in his field.

Mr Bakerman

I would highly recommend this firm to any of my friends looking to re-mortgage or sell, excellent service.

Mrs C. Howe

We are very happy with the process so far Graham has done more than expected for us and has been a pleasure to deal with. Thank You.

Mr Lloyd & Miss Mayers

The best service possible! Very knowledgeable & provided us with a mortgage with a building society when everybody else said no! I will recommend you to every person I pass.

Leia & Phillip Nobes

I am fortunate to have worked with Graham in purchasing my first property in the past, his service and attention to detail was second to none, so I received the same professional service which I got this time.

Mr N. Okpokpor

Martland Mortgages have been amazing throughout the whole process & made everything much easier than it could have been. Many Thanks.

Mr M. Skoric

Would highly recommend your services

A & Z Tate

Very happy and truly grateful for your help and advice to obtain this mortgage which I didn’t think was possible x

E.P. Sivell

“Absolutely fantastic service from beginning to end”. Fantastic.

Mr & Mrs Welby

Absolutely Super Service. Vey Approachable.

S&P Ballard

“Thank you for your assistance throughout the loan process. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone I know who needs a mortgage”

You make everything so easy. We will always come and see you for our mortgage needs. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Mr & Mrs Ivan

Excellent service. Well looked after would recommend to anyone.

Jack & Anne Brough

Very Happy with the service provided and the outcome.

Mr & Mrs Greenwood

Knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish.

Mr & Mrs Wilson
Southport, Merseyside

I couldn’t fault Martland Mortgages for any of their work.

Mrs R. Murray

The service provided by Martland Mortgages has been 100% professional.

John & Dianne Pitson

Hi Graham,

So – today I finally got to pick the keys up to the new home you have worked so incredibly hard to obtain for me and my children! There are literally no words that could possibly thank you enough for all the work, time, effort and commitment you put in for me. I know that my case has had many issues – however nothing was ever too much for you and you always found a way to resolve it. I will forever be eternally grateful to you for making this a possibility and allowing me and my children a fresh start. From the first time I walked into your office … you told me that you would look after me and you have stayed completely true to your word.

Thank you so much, literally from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you and yours all the very best!


Typed Testimonial Letter to Martland Mortgages, a mortgage broker in Southport, Merseyside

Wayne Evans

You get what you pay for, I got the best!

Mr A Fell

We have received excellent service from Graham. We thought we wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage but Graham managed to get one for us and put us at ease with his knowledge and experience.

We would highly recommend!

Mrs S Harrison

Graham McCarthy has represented Martland Mortgages. Com Ltd in a professional, clear, confident manner, this has reflected in my trust and lively hood being in his care and has enabled us to move on with our lives. Thank you.


Sarah Moody

We can’t thank-you enough for the help you have given us, and the timescale in which you have turned this around is amazing

You told me you was the best in the business, I can certainly believe it –  I will certainly highly recommend you to others who are looking at getting a mortgage

I am sure Mandy will be in touch very soon to thank-you personally, we was thinking of giving up

Many Thanks,


Solves problems that other [mortgage] brokers fail to do!

R. Paton

Thank you for working hard & keeping me informed of each stage by telephone & letter.

The last mortgage I applied for with another Company took 11 weeks. The Mortgage you arranged for me only took 6.

Mrs E

Excellent service, Graham very knowledgeable and helpful.

Mr & Mrs Cloran

Letter of thanks to Martland Mortgages

Mrs G. Box & Mr S. Dorn

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the help with securing me a mortgage offer.

I count it a blessing to have found you and made contact with you.

You were extremely professional and helpful throughout the process. Taking time to understand my particular situation, circumstances and background in order to help me get a product that best suit my needs.

You demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the industry and process and in so doing you ensured you achieved the best possible outcome for me.

I am sure we will still work together  in the future but in the meantime I wanted to say a big thank you and let you know your help is much appreciated.

Mortgage testimonial for Martland Mortgages of Southport, Merseyside.


Our special circumstances were clearly understood and a product that met our needs was identified and delivered.

Mr Stephen & Mrs Deborah Moss

From the moment you explain your circumstances to Graham, he knows exactly what to do to go about securing a mortgage.  This confidence is hugely reassuring and what seems like a minefield becomes a very simple process.  Thanks Graham, for steering us through!

A. Morris

As a family we couldn’t have been happier or more satisfied with the care and quality of service from Graham. He was very through  and sensitive to our needs, and delivered everything he said he would, even faster than we anticipated. We would highly recommend the service he provides in the knowledge of knowing how professional and courteous he was.

Mr & Mrs Blackhall

Brilliant service and always there to answer any questions

Z & S Nikolic

Mr Graham McCarthy was very pleasant, knows his stuff and easy to talk to. I hope to be able to contact him again in the future if I need any further advice.

Mrs H Lawson

Knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish.

Mr & Mrs Wilson
Southport, Merseyside

“100% good service. will recommended to others. thank you”

S McDonald

Having worked with Graham before I had high expectations which were met as expected.

Sian Gilmartin

Thank You note to Martland Mortgages

Chris & Lynne

Mr McCarthy was very helpful & efficient and we are very happy with the service we received.

Mr Reilly & Miss Taylor

I found the service provided very quick and efficient. Graham WAS ALWAYS VERY HELPFUL AND I AM ASTONISHED THAT THIS HAS ALL BEEN HANDLED BY PHONE & INTERNET. “highly recommended”.


Graham has turned round our BTL mortgage at a great speed.

Mr Niland

Mortgages for pensioners borrowing into retirement

Pensioner Mortgage

I could not have asked for a better advisor or service! I can’t thank you enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Mrs V. Foxcroft

“First class service, will recommend to everyone. Thank so much Graham!”

Mr Schofield & Miss Doyle

Thank you so much, Graham for all your help & support you have shown us in delivering a professional 1st class service.

L. Wakefield

Graham has been fantastic and gone above and beyond, outside of normal working hours to ensure we had the best service, we are very grateful to him.

V & A Lalic

Fantastic Service

Ms Lloyd
Graham helped us a great deal with getting our mortgage. He provided great advice and kept me up to date with all developments.
We appreciate everything he has done for us.
Susheel Kumar

Graham has been available and clear with his information. Super helpful to me.

Miss Lamb

Thanks for all your help Graham, can always rely on you to help! Much Appreciated.

Mr & Mrs Hewitt

Graham McCarthy has provided me with a 5 star service throughout. He has assisted and advised me sometimes on a daily basis and in turn made this whole process easy and uncomplicated, any future property purchases I undertake will only be dealt with by Mr McCarthy, I will remain indebted to him and Martland Mortgages

A Very Big Thank You.

Luke Walker

…their attention to detail and ability to work through obstacles and remove problems that makes for their success. No other establishment was willing to try for me, but Martlands could see a way forward and successfully secured me two remortgages and a new house. I recommend Martland Mortgages above all others.

Rupert Paton

“We would like to thank you for your help, understanding and knowledge. You made the whole process simple and straight forward for us, with easy read documents and phone calls reassuring”

The service you provide is not only as mentioned above but the little touches such as pre-paid envelopes, notepads and pens etc. make you feel like a valued customer.

Darren & Lauren

To Graham: I really Appreciate it for all the help we have had from you x

Gail & Richard Pencader

Great advice and secured mortgage quickly. Thanks.

J. Ellwood

We would not even consider using anyone else – a 5 star service every time

Mr Tyl-Lasota & Mrs A Tyl

Emailled testimonial : Martland Mortgages going the extra mile for Rob the plasterer in Ormskirk

Rob The Plasterer

We found Martland Mortgages very easy to deal with and everything was explained really clearly and dealt with speedily. really pleased with the service.

Mr A & Mrs L Glover

Real old fashioned personal service, a very refreshing, stress free experience

Mr Mark Roach

Graham is a pleasure to deal with, professional knowledge and is always available to deal queries promptly and responsive!

S. Blevin & R. Incledon

We are very happy with the process so far Graham has done more than expected for us and has been a pleasure to deal with. Thank You.

Mr Lloyd & Miss Mayers

Graham was always there for us and in our opinion went above & beyond what we expected!

Mr & Mrs D&P Woolaston

Dear Graham

I am writing to thank you for your recent work in securing me a mortgage within such a very strict timescale dictated by my situation.

As you were aware, time was of the essence in my particular case and by securing me a mortgage offer in two weeks prevented my house purchase from falling through.

I cannot fault the excellent service you provided, especially the amount of work you undertook and completed in swift fashion, and in particular the speed of completion which was primarily due to your first class service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to family, friends and colleagues based on the exemplary service you provided for me.

Parveen Akram

Graham goes above and beyond, especially when ours was not the simplest case, Much Appreciated

Mrs Carby, Mr Carby & Miss Hackworth

A very smooth and uncomplicated approach with a can do attitude from a very professional firm.

Mrs March

We signed contracts today, without you we wouldn’t have been doing that.  You’re a tip top guy, thank you so much.

Well what can we say… Graham is without doubt a great chap to have operating for you in the Scary world of Mortgages.

Nothing was too much trouble, he dealt with our application through to a formal offer in just a few days.

So if you are looking at his site now thinking, Shall we use Martland or not? Don’t worry, just contact Graham and your mortgage will be sorted without any hassle.  You’ll be kept completely up to date with every step by Graham.

We wouldn’t be moving into our dream Cottage without him.

Karen & James Joyce

Friendly, informative, knowledgeable, and most importantly professional. Thanks for all your help again.

Rebecca & Sarah Incledon-Blevin

Typed Testimonial for Martland Mortgages

Tim & Kerrie

Great Service, definitely will recommend to others, thanks so much you’ve been a life saver.

W. Barker

Many thanks to Martland Mortgages I was hesitant to speak to anyone about my situation after being rejected by another mortgage company, However Martland Mortgages took it on board and dealt with the matter efficiently and professionally.

I received a faultless, excellent service from beginning to end.

With gratitude and blessings

Graham is absolutely brilliant, He accepted my difficult issues and produced a result with effortless ease.

Ms Darbeau

Letter of thanks to Martland Mortgages in Southport, Merseyside.

Patrick Huston

“You are the best in the business” – Sincerely I thank you. 

V. Bradshaw

Typed Mortgage thank you letter for Martland Mortgages

Dave Kearns

Martland Mortgages were excellent nothing was too much trouble –  very helpful.

Mrs L. Barron

From start to finish, Graham assisted in a clear, friendly and professional manner, helping us and being available for all our queries. Thanks.

Mr & Mrs Wetton

Mr McCarthy is very professional in his explanation of the process which makes an in-depth job much easier.

Miss Brookfield

Never thought this would happen!!!   Graham made it all possible . This comment box isn’t big enough to express our gratitude – Thank you Graham

Mr K Williams & Miss K Hastings

Graham has helped me with 2 re-mortgages now, would highly recommend this company to anyone, he has gone above and beyond.

Mr K Fletcher

Excellent Service, Above and Beyond

Frances Augustine

Testimonial letter on blue paper from a delighted client of Martland Mortgages


Good Service

Dr & Mrs Atkin

Excellent service will definitely use again and recommend to others.

Mr Ian Holt

The service which Graham provided was professional, informative, and he was prepared to do what is required to get the job done. Great Service – Thank You!

Richard Smith

“Brilliant Company”.  Would Highly Recommend.

Mr D. Kilibarda & Ms I. Nikolic

Typed letter of thanks to Martland Mortgages : Mortgage Broker

Ian Mullane

A very friendly and helpful service, I would have no hesitation in recommending Martland Mortgages to my friends.

Roy Watkins

Graham is brilliant! My husband and I had very bad credit scores and Graham was able to get us a mortgage. He is very professional and will always get back to you, whatever time you call! I would highly recommend Martland Mortgages!

Irina Nikolic

The level of service by Graham McCarthy has been excellent we couldn’t be happier.

Mr O'Brien & Miss Conachie

Fantastic service from Graham and his company, time was never an issue when we phoned with our many questions. He was always ready to put us at ease during the process.

Mr & Mrs M & S Mackey

Fantastic Service & Diligence, dream home on its way! Eternally Grateful.

Mr & Mrs Chapman

Worked hard again to get our mortgage, went down every avenue there is and again come out trumps. Simply the best!

John & Amanda Welby

Could not be better.

R & A Mather

Outstanding communication, with a fast turnaround, friendly & supported,  Thank you Graham.

Mr & Mrs McCormick

After struggling to get a mortgage our adviser was very re-assuring that he could help us in our situation which he did, he was very through, knowledgeable and professional, I would recommend him to anybody.

Mr Reilly & Ms Rooney

Very good service

David P Anderson

Graham McCarthy was very professional, proficient and efficient, he explained the process thoroughly and ensured we had a full understanding.

Mr & Mrs S & M Barr

Very Impressed with information received and knowledge of mortgages.

Roger Barlow

A fantastic service, helpful with all our questions, and delivered even when things got tough.

Thanks for everything.. see you in a few years.

Mr & Mrs Bradley

Excellent, prompt service – very informative & extremely helpful no matter when or how many times I called!

Sarah Mason

Very Impressed with information received and knowledge of mortgages.

Roger Barlow

I would recommend Martland Mortgages to everyone. Their service was second to none and very professional, Graham helped me so much he was always at the end of the phone to answer my questions even out of office hours he was there to help me every step of the way.

Thank you so much for your massive help in getting us to own our own home.

Angela Wilson

My wife and I were impressed by the cheerful and professional help we received which made the mortgage process straight forward and stress free.

Mr D Taylor
We’ve completed!!
As a first time buyer, obviously the whole process of house buying is incredibly stressful – more than I ever imagined it could be!!
Your endless patience, level head and very obvious exemplary market knowledge has without doubt been the reason for us finally getting our house!!
We can not start to thank you enough – I will be keeping “Graham Mortgage” on speed dial on my phone for the next one!!
David & Kelly

Very professional & helpful service which goes beyond any standard mortgage advisers.

Mr Barr & Miss Wells

I’m glad that working with Mr Graham, such a gentleman and trustworthy

Mr B. Bagmaci

Excellent service provided by Graham, would not hesitate  to recommend Martland, thank you so much.

Mark Ross

Thanks Graham, you got us a great deal on our mortgage

Mark & Fiona Seinfeld

…professional, diligent, courteous and someone who has excellent knowledge of the mortgage world and would not hesitate to recommend him or anybody requiring specialist mortgage advice.

Emma Gee

A very smooth and uncomplicated approach with a can do attitude from a very professional firm.

Mrs Marsh

I could not recommend the services of Martland Mortgages enough, extremely professional service throughout, going above and beyond doing everything possible to get the job done.

S. Palmer

Excellent service – highly recommend as a mortgage broker.

Arabella Nablisi

Great communication from start to finish and great service

Mr McBride & Miss Bogg

I keep on wanting to call Graham, Jim, only because this is the second time he has managed to fix it! He always has the time of day for you, and somehow manages to create a wealth of comfort in an otherwise very daunting world of mortgages. He is both professional and personable, and very obviously good at his job.

Thanks Graham, we couldn’t have done it with you, and see you in five years.

Jasper & Isobel Gorst

Absolutely first class customer service & would definitely recommend your services to family and friends.

Alan & Karen Parker.

Not a straight forward situation and the matter has been dealt with in a professional manner at all times, thank you!

Mrs Sarah Moody

A thank you note received at Martland Mortgages after we helped secure the mortgage the family needed for their dream home.

Sarah, Tim, Edward, Gregory & Imogen

Thank you once again for making what we thought impossible, POSSIBLE!!!

Mr & Mrs Jovicic

Great Service.

Mr Dudley & Miss Harper

Very happy with the service provided and would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends.

Mr John Hastings

“Graham is very knowledgeable and deals with our applications in a highly professional manner”

We will be back. 

Mr J A Birch & Mrs S Brookfield

Graham made what I thought was impossible, possible, for which I am very grateful.

R. Ward

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