• Agricultural Mortgages

  • Here at Martland Mortgages, we understand the unique circumstances surrounding agricultural mortgages and can help obtain the right mortgage package for farmland, farm buildings and associated businesses such as rental cottages, farm shops and the issues around split titles.

    Agricultural Mortgages from Martland Mortgages Many of our clients in the agricultural & farming communities have told us how difficult it is to obtain mortgage facilities from the main High Street lenders.

    We understand the farming industry & the special conditions that apply so we’re more than happy to help and able to place an appropriate mortgage package thanks to our years of experience & contacts with a wide selection of lenders.

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    Many farming businesses are coming under increasing bank pressure to reduce their overdrafts and so it makes good sense to look at the cost of your present mortgage arrangements and ask if we can help reduce those payments to ease the cashflow burdens on even the most profitable business.


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    Traditionally banks have been reluctant to lend to the agricultural & related industries as each client’s situation is unique and doesn’t fit well with automated processes.

    We however have access to lenders who not only understand the complexities of the farming sector but actively encourage it. We understand that on a large modern farm, income may come from many sources and be difficult to categorise. We can help. We understand that there may be restrictive covenants on land or buildings. We can help. We understand that there might be split titles between  the land and the farmhouse. We can help. There may be some adverse credit information, we know that all businesses have lean times and can pick up a CCJ or default or two after a bad period – remember, we consider all circumstances and take a pride in being able to help no matter how complex the situation.

    We will work out the most appropriate package or portfolio of packages to best suit you. Everything we do is based around your best interest and no matter how difficult, unusual or complex your individual situation is, we can help.

    We can obtain a Decision In Principle within hours for you.

    Complete our full Factfind document [download] and email it back to us at Martlandmortgages.com
    We will then match your needs to the most appropriate lender & contact you with details of rates and fees once we have a Yes! Decision in Principle from a lender.

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