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  • A remortgage is substituting a new mortgage for your existing one. Perhaps to take advantage of a better mortgage rate, pay off debt or raise capital.

    Clients remortgage for a many reasons; it could simply be shifting the mortgage on your home to an alternative one with better rates or terms. You might be wanting to raise some capital for the holiday of a lifetime, debt repayments or you might need to purchase your partner’s share of the equity.

    Whatever life throws at you, we’ll work our hardest to make sure you receive the best possible service and advice to suit your own particular circumstances.


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    More Information on Remortgages

    Remortgaging is ideal for people who are looking to consolidate debt or find a better mortgage deal. Similarly, refinancing is a type of remortgaging which involves transferring a mortgage but keeping the same mortgage lender.

    RemortgagingA borrower would consider remortgaging usually to save money by paying a lower rate, perhaps because the borrowers circumstances now mean they’re eligible for a lower rate mortgage. Quite often, borrowers took out a fixed rate mortgage which tied them in for a number of years at a fixed rate but once this comes to an end, the rate reverts to Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and repayments fluctuate with the market.

    Remortgaging can also be attractive to borrowers looking to consolidate their debt to include other loans & credit card accounts. This means your mortgage might increase but also means that there are no other monthly loan payments to worry about, other than the one standard mortgage payment.

    Remortgaging is also used to release some equity in the property, enabling the borrower to obtain a cash sum rather than trying to get another loan. This is often used for home improvements such as an extension, double glazing, a conservatory or loft conversion.

    Applying for a remortgage can be a simple process as long as the borrower involved has a good credit history and has met all of their previous monthly repayments in time.

    The length of time it takes to remortgage varies from person to person. If there is a particular urgency then there are fast tracking options available which can put you ahead of the queue but typically takes about 6 weeks.

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