• Defective Property Mortgages

  • Mortgages for defective properties : Defective Premises Act 1972The Defective Premises Act 1972 was introduced with the intention of establishing Liability for injury or harm caused to persons through defects in the state of premises.

    Prior to the act being passed, builders who worked on – and created – unsafe properties were mostly resistant to prosecution and landlords who rented properties where a non-tenant was injured because of a hazardous building could not be sued.

    In an effort to resolve these irregularities, the Act established a sequence of guidelines laying out a duty of care for builders, sub-contractors and landlords.

    There are many properties that are classed as defective but are still mortgageable so if your property is classed as defective under the terms of the act then don’t lose hope, call us on 01704 808286 and we’ll try our hardest to help!

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